These tools were a mess to find, honestly, credits are hard to be given due to the amount of times it had to be reuploaded.

I THINK abramcummer and metro2033-tools on Google Code archive.


In order to unpack content .vfs': [1], [2]

In order to convert textures to .dds: [1], [2]

Just run the .exe in the respective folders, .ie run unpackRedux.exe in the folder with the .vfs' and run the texture converter in the folder with the texture files to convert them to .dds


Download the r92 for LL. It'll work on Redux.

These are only for Max (versions 9, and 2009-2012) and Maya (versions 8.5, 2009-2014)

In order to install the tools, just place them in their respective plugin folder, ie: \3ds Max 2012\plugins


huntingrifle over on Facepunch was kind enough to upload all the Raws and even separate them for those who just want separate things.

All models all textures: [1], [2]

Just weapon models and textures: [1], [2]

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