Credit: Kuroyasviel

Colored Specular

Sample Files

This is applicable for any game that uses colored specular.

THIS IS NOT Colored Roughness (Dark Souls 3) or Colored Specular Roughness PBR.


  1. Import the model into 3DS Max or Blender.

  2. Dupicate the model, the original should have the diffuse applied while the dupe has the specular applied.

  3. Export the whole scene as one .SMD


Typically speculars end in _spec or _s, but if for some reason you can't see the texture names, compare them.

Usually the Specular has a very vastly different color scheme from the Diffuse, but if not, they're brighter.

A good example is Tera Online or JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven.

  1. Put the colored specular in the alpha of the normal map.

Make an exponent out of the colored specular,

  1. Color the green channel by (255 255 255)

  2. (Optional) Darken the red channel. (Experiment with this and just find what you think looks best.)

  3. Export as .TGA


For the QC, use the one attached to the SFMNAUTS page.

Edit the lines etc.


Once the model is compiled, also use the VMTs in sample files available at SFMNAUTS

As a reminder, Diffuse VMT should have no phongboost, and should look exactly like the sample file.

The Specular VMT should have phong boost/also look like the sample files, but change parameters to your liking.


Final Colored Specular

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